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The 5 interesting facts that you may not know about Venus direct in Astrology

 Interesting facts  that will help shed some light on this time of planetary transition:

1. Venus direct is a real phenomena.
Venus and Pluto are the only two planets in the solar system whose retrograde season are not illusions.  --->>

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2. It can feel harder to find true love during Venus retrograde season.
Venus retrograde is often considered a time when the love planet is invisible and and its influences are not as impactful on a universal scale. If you've felt invisible during your dating or love life, perhaps not meeting someone if you're single, Venus direct season can potentially create an atmosphere where the road to romance is sweetened.

3. Venus retrograde is considered a time of illusions in love.
Some astrologers strongly advise against making any life changing decisions during a Venus retrograde season. Some astrologer recount personal stories and those of clients where romance started during Venus retrograde were more like false starts with painful endings.

4. Venus will remain direct until 2020.
Yes, that's right. Venus will not go retrograde for nearly an entire year. (Mars won't either.) This means you have one full year to have better luck in love.

5. When Venus is in its ruling sign and direct, good things happen.
Venus is happiest in Libra and Taurus where her energy is expressed with clarity. In Libra, the beauty of relationships are magnified. There's opportunity to love and have emotions reciprocated.
People grow when love is nurtured and when relationships are fair and balanced. Venus expresses herself best in Libra in the form of justice, fairness, and using intuition to understand how to improve situations when life isn't going the way that it should in money, relationships, or business.

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