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What Makes LIBRA Panic In Relationships (& How To Get Over It)

LIBRA relationship problem infographic

Libra Fear: Being Completely Honest

You're almost embarrassed to hear that this is the major issue that you have to deal with. However, you're not even surprised. You of all people know that honesty is something you have to work on.

You've been hurt so many times that it's simply difficult to be your true self with your partner.
That's why we recommend taking it slow! You don't have to automatically be an open book the first time you meet someone. Instead, take it slow and see if this person is someone you're willing to trust.

We promise that this special someone isn't going to be able to fall for you until you open yourself up. Only your real self will whisk this person off their feet and have them falling in love with who you truly are!
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Getting Over It: Time To Ditch The Mask

Since being truthful is the one thing you have to work on, you better get on it. The best advice that we can give you is to ditch the mask completely. How do you expect to truly get to know someone, and vice versa when you're constantly putting up a facade that blocks who you truly are.

If you keep on wearing a mask, you'll enter this relationship with dishonest intentions. While we completely understand that you feel more than vulnerable being your true self as they might not appreciate who you truly are, it's simply something that you need to do. Stop stressing over the person who you think they want and instead start being who you truly are.

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