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The 3 Zodiac Signs who Love To Be On Top In Bed

Zodiac Signs who Love To Be On Top In Bed animated

There's a reason "what's your sign?" is a frequently asked question when it comes to flirting and dating. Your zodiac sign affects many aspects of your personality, behaviors, and instincts and can offer insight into what makes you tick and why.

This, of course, translates to sexuality and sexual preferences, so it's no surprise that there are absolutely specific zodiac signs that love to be on top in bed. Different zodiac signs approach sex in different ways — some prefer sex to be emotional and connected, while others prefer sex to be purely physical.

Knowing your partner's sign and how it relates to yours can be really helpful to understand and anticipate your communication styles, attitude towards conflict, and sexual appetite.

So while each sign has it's own sexual nature, these three signs especially love the dominance, power, and showiness of being on top in bed.


Leo is bold, charismatic, and loves to be the star of the show, especially in bed. For them, sex can be a performance, and they love, love, love an audience. Leo loves being on top of their partner because they feel strong, dominant, and seen. The visual appeal of seeing their partner's body and reactions turns Leo on almost as much as sex itself!
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Aries is fierce, competitive and passionate, so it's no surprise that this sign absolutely loves to hop on top of their partner in bed. Their competitive nature translates to their sexual proclivities, so Aries loves to be in charge, set the pace, and impress their partner. Part of what turns Aries on is knowing that their partner sees and appreciates them, so being on top during sex really makes them tick.


Scorpio is passionate, sexual, and intense with a capital "I," so this sign doesn't think twice about hopping on top of their partner. Scorpio sex is emotional and connected, so expect a lot of eye contact if you're about to get busy with a Scorpio. They're also confident, strong, and determined, so they relish being in a position of dominance. Scorpio loves power play, so taking a submissive position can occasionally be a massive turn-on, but they're most at home on top of the world and their partner.
Of course, other signs enjoy being on top, but these three really dig it. I can attest to this — I'm a Scorpio and I once dated a guy who absolutely did not care for sex with the woman on top. Unsurprisingly, we're now just friends. So if you find yourself shacking up with a confident Leo, bossy Aries, or intense Scorpio, let's hope you like being underneath them!


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