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Perfect gifts for astrology lover – whether you buy them for yourself or a friend.

There’s no denying astrology, horoscopes and all things zodiac are having a moment. Millennials and memes have helped this age-old practice (that has been around for thousands of years) make a comeback for the internet age
Whether you’re constantly checking your horoscope or dipping your toe in tarot card reading,

we’ve found eight perfect gifts for astrology junkies – whether you buy them for yourself or a friend. 

Zodiac journal, Anthropologie, £9

This beautiful journal with a laser-cut front page contains 124 lined pages - so you can write down all of your thoughts. It also has a ribbon bookmark so you aren’t going to lose your place. Perfect for an affordable birthday present.

Kingsley Ryan sterling silver moon drop hoop earrings, Asos, £8

Feeling like you can’t quite commit to birth charts and the like? Well you can still enjoy a little astrology - we’re having a love affair with all things moon and stars right now. These 100% sterling silver earrings are gold plated (so they shouldn’t turn green). We love gold hoops as much as the next person, but gold hoops with little dangling mini moons? Sold.

Personalised print, Dig the Earth at Not On The High Street, £16

Fancy aligning your home interiors with your birth chart? This Not On The High Street print is the answer - available in all 12 signs of the zodiac, your chosen constellation will sit on a dark inky blue background. You don’t even need to necessarily choose your birthday – the creators suggest a wedding or anniversary date or your child’s date of birth. It comes with free UK delivery too.

Horoscope mini dress, Urban Outfitters, £42

It was only a matter of time before our love for all things zodiac started slipping into our wardrobe. This mesh mini dress with an all over horoscope print pattern is perfect for summer, and festival season. We’re wearing with a bucket hat and Birkenstocks for the full nineties throwback.

Zodiac star sign necklace, Trouva, £13

We wonder what Carrie Bradshaw would make of this zodiac nameplate necklace? Made from raw brass and coated in gold plating (including the chain) this is perfect for layering with other necklaces with an oversized white t-shirt and pale denim. *Adds to basket*

Foil Constellation Grey Velvet Cushion, Oliver Bonas, £30

You probably think you’ve got too many cushions already, but you’ll be mistaken – for one can never be too comfy. The gold foil constellation accents stand out beautifully against the grey velvet. Perfect for lying your head back on to star gaze, if you’re into that kind of thing. 
Dimensions: H 45cm x W 45cm

Star power book, Paperchase, £12

Feeling like you want to brush up on your astrology? The Star Power handbook uses your birth chart to teach you more about yourself, your life and your future. You’ll also find out which signs you’re most compatible with, how the universe impacts your approach to love, wealth, creativity and careers. So no more blaming the planets for ruining your day.

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