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Does the Bible say about zodiac signs, horoscopes, ? Yes, it does.

The Lion of Judah could be a #Leo.

The Bible actually holds numerous mentions of #zodiac, #astrology, astronomy.

In biblical times, people would need to use things such as the stars to find out which direction they are going, and looked to the night sky like some kind of heavenly place.

Some Christians see astrology as evil and something that we shouldn't look into or analyze.

People such as Billy Graham...

an evangelist Christian figure said that believers in Christ should not use these cosmic entities for guidance.

He includes referencing horoscopes and other methods, such as sorcery, omens or magic, as a source of guidance other than God, Graham stated.

He would definitely be very shocked to find that a lot of the Bible has verses dealing with zodiac, astrology, and astronomy.

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astrology is what we all use to study the stars and planets role in having an influence on human affairs and the natural world.

Zodiacs are the position of the Sun, Moon, and most familiar planets and how it correlates with your personality type and the events that happen in your life.
Astronomy is a section of science which deals with studying and analyzing the physical universe as a whole. So all of this is intertwined.

People during Biblical times studied and analyzed the stars a lot.
Most people, even then, knew the significance of the Sun on Earth. The star of Bethlehem is one of the most well-known parts of the Bible that feature this.
The three kings used the star as navigation to find Jesus when he was born. Bible speaks about stars, their importance and relation to God beyond just this story.
Discover the most notable scripture quotes about the zodiac, astrology, astronomy in the Bible in this collection of Bible scripture verses.

Discover the most notable scripture quotes about the zodiac,

Discover the most notable scripture quotes about the zodiac, astrology, astronomy in the Bible in this collection of Bible scripture verses.


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