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Zodiac Diet according to your Astrological Element

Ever dream about having an astrological dinner party

In Virgo, or “the logical chef,” you’ll find recipes like fig, apricot and almond granola, that cater to Virgos’ value of simple elegance. In Taurus, “the smooth chef,” you’ll find recipes like potatoes au gratin, grilled broccoli rabe and alfredo risotto. Yum!

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Eat by Element

Think of the signs sharing your element as your cosmic BFFs. You have a lot in common, and you feel comfortable around one another. So pull up a seat at their table! Any Virgo will sense a familiarity with fellow earth signs Taurus and Capricorn. Are you a watery Cancer? Paddle over to see what Scorpio and Pisces are cooking up!


Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, you belong to the fire element. Passionate, warm, and full of life, you follow what excites you. Fire natives really know how to bring the heat! With big personalities and a contagious glow, you bring the life to the party. Fire signs are likeable, fun, and energizing to be around. You prefer excitement and will pass on anything bland. Your recipes veer on the vibrant side, just like your personality!



Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, your element is earth. Grounded, practical, and industrious, your domain is the material world. If it weren’t for you, the world would be a very chaotic place. You are contained, which lets everyone know they can count on you. Organization is a virtue, and you are as realistic as they come. Did we mention that you are resourceful? You like recipes that are solid, are not overly complicated, and feature ingredients you can trust.


Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, you make up the social sector of the zodiac. Air is your element, giving you the freedom to breeze in and out of conversations and trending hashtags. You thrive on intellectual stimulation, a good debate, and random facts. There are few subjects you won’t entertain. Entertaining? You’re great at that too! And because you love learning, you’re game to try new things in the kitchen, which always makes for a fun time!

Zodiac Diet for the Sign of TAURUS, PISCES , SCORPIO


Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, you belong to the water realm. Intuitive, perceptive, dreamy, and sensitive, your feelings are your compass in life. You feel everything intently, and frequently need periods of solitude to find your center. Empathic and compassionate, you are adept at connecting with others. For you, language is often unspoken. Guided by what you feel, you like a dish that speaks to your mood.

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