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What's Keeping you awake at night base on your ZODIAC

We don't sleep because we are stressed out. That's it. Whatever causes that stress is individual, and we'll go over what causes the zodiac signs in astrology to become as insomniac as we've all become!

Some people fall asleep at the drop of a hat; it's an almost enviable condition to have for those of us who fight the clock nightly. One thing we all seem to have in common, the number one stressor and cause of insomnia, is financial concern. When it comes to money, we all get to know what it's like to count the minutes, in the dark, while our minds race, not letting us sleep.

But what keeps the zodiac signs up at night? Why can't they just rest their heads and fall asleep


What's Keeping ARIES awake at night animated info-graphic

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What's Keeping TAURUS awake at night animated info-graphic


What's Keeping GEMINI awake at night animated info-graphic
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What's Keeping CANCER awake at night animated info-graphic


What's Keeping LEO awake at night animated info-graphic



What's Keeping VIRGO awake at night animated info-graphic


What's Keeping LIBRA awake at night animated info-graphic


What's Keeping SCORPIO awake at night animated info-graphic


What's Keeping SAGITTARIUS awake at night animated info-graphic


What's Keeping CAPRICORN awake at night animated info-graphic


What's Keeping AQUARIUS awake at night animated info-graphic


What's Keeping PISCES awake at night animated info-graphic




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