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TAURUS : How to improve your love life

Within every Taurus heart, there’s a Rock of Gibraltar: steady, sure and everlasting in romance .

 Taurus represents “fixed earth,” but you can carry stony steadfastness too far. In affairs of the heart, don’t allow yourself to become too earthbound.

You deeply enjoy the pleasures of the --->>

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flesh and will enjoy bestowing upon your mate, fine foods, rich gifts and material mementos. Don’t, however, neglect food for the soul as well. Sing a love song in your mellow, distinctive voice .

Quote Keats or Shelley instead of Dow Jones. In dealing with an amor, you’ll also benefit by incorporating traits of your opposite Sign of Scorpio. Emulate the spiritual, deep-feeling side of Scorpio to put more purple in your passionate moments. That should make a lovely contrast to the “green stuff,” money, you Taurus, have such a talent in gathering.


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