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BENEFIT Of Connecting with the MOON

    Watching the Moon from month to month and year to year will put you in touch with her cycles and rhythms –it will help you to remember that we’re all a part of something much bigger; that we’re kids of the Universe.

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We’re stardust. We’re so much more than people who struggle to get to work on public transport and once there, compete with others for promotions. We’re makers of magic on a journey towards enlightenment. We’re at one with the skies and the heavens and all that lies beyond, and even if we can’t observe the heavens fully, or even give too much time to contemplating nature, connecting with the Moon reconnects us with the Divine –with our Divine selves and with the cosmos.

When you start to get in tune with the Moon’s cycles, you start to connect with the cosmos and nature. We 21st-century humans tend to be quite disconnected from the latter. Of course, we don’t all live in cities and spend hours a day in an artificially lit room, perhaps in front of a computer. But oh so many of us do, right? Getting outdoors and engaging with nature by watching the mysterious Moon is a real remedy.

 You can watch the Moon from your local park or from your garden. If you don’t have a garden, try your driveway. And if you don’t have a garden or a driveway, you can watch her from the street or from your window.

Connecting with the Moon is a great routine discipline to get into. By making wishes at the time of the New Moon, you will start to manifest your dreams. That fact alone means you may come to believe, as I do, that there’s something very powerful about the New Moon. And as for the Full Moon, which is the time when we let things go, well, that’s just common sense, isn’t it? We need to release control of anything and everything – from toxicity to negativity – and we need to do it on a regular basis.


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