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Taurus and Jupiter 2020

Taurus and Jupiter Symbol

JUPITER 2020 Transit To TAURUS

What will be the benefits?

  •  Faith and devotion in religion, spiritualism, cult, sect, God Almighty, lower deities, Congregationalism, Unitarianism and cosmopolitanism. Sometimes faith,.. but no attendance at religious place and no activity at home or at any religious place or gathering or at place of worship or prayers.
  • Touring/ repeated travels, inland/ foreign for education/ official/ social welfare/ religious/ spiritual/ charitable/ pilgrimage or any other purposes of self or related to source of income or duties and responsibilities (referral houses fourth, fifth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth).
  • Help and assistance or refusal to give it by progeny of self in any kind of good or bad activity of self (referral houses fifth and seventh). Marriage/ physical relationship with brother/ sister or cousin of the dead spouse (referral houses third,

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Dec 19 2020
You are a seeker of the new and inspirational. You hold racially-inclusive values, and are a humanitarian.

Feb 27 2021
Your sense of well-being is strong either through growing self-esteem or as a result of increased wealth. Money flows during this period and the key is to ensure that you spend wisely. Otherwise you will later discover that your increased income simply slipped through your fingers. 

May 13 2021
You are on an intuitive search for the truth. You are a champion of the underdog. You could be a spiritual or religious teacher.


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