Special Astrological alert for the whole month of AUGUST 2022

Astrology can help you discover pretty much anything you can imagine, including how to find  Your most luckiest day for This Month 2022

Aug 4 2022 (Mercury enters its sign of exaltation): This means good news for work, getting things done, editing and healing. Order is back! 

Aug 8 2022 (Double happiness 8/8): This is called the Lion Gate when Sirius (the brightest star in the sky) rises after being hidden by the Sun for 70 days. A very powerful day: do something special to celebrate the Dog Star.

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 • Aug 9 2022 (Venus opposite Pluto): Be extra careful with expenses and finance. Relationships could be difficult today. 

Aug 11 2022 (Venus enters Leo): The goddess of love is getting the royal treatment. Great for creativity and all forms of partnership. That being said, partners and significant others might demand a lot of attention. 

Aug 12 2022 (Full Moon in Aquarius): This is the biblical Valentine's Day, a day of friendship and love. 

Aug 14 2022 (Sun opposite Saturn): Good father versus bad father. You might be caught between an understanding boss and a less benevolent one. Issues with discipline and self-expression. 

Aug 16 2022 (Mercury trine Uranus): Brilliant ideas, scientific discoveries, and good flow with friends. 

Aug 20, 2022-Mar 24, 2023 (Mars transits into Gemini): In the Tarot cards, this aspect is signified by the Nine of Swords and called Cruelty. Be careful of straying thoughts and intellectual battles. Your words can move mountains but also start great wars. 

Aug 24, 2022-Jan 24, 2023 (Uranus goes retrograde): Restlessness, rebels without a cause, friends from the past resurface. 

• Aug 26  2022 (Mercury enters Libra): Balance is returning. There is a strong sense of justice and harmonious communication. A good time for compromise, peace negotiation, and finding common ground. 

• Aug 27 2022 (New Moon in Virgo): A great time to start a new diet, detox, cleanse your body or start a new routine that can lead to better health. A new beginning for work as well as acts of service. 

• Aug 28 2022 (Venus opposite Saturn): Challenging relationships especially with older people or superiors and bosses. 


• Sep 1 2022 (Mercury, Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, and Chiron are all retrograding) Take it easy this month. Take time off and don't overload your schedule. Allow time to breathe. 

• Sep 5 2022 (Venus enters Virgo): Functional art and beauty enter the workplace. Improved relationships with coworkers. A tendency to be over-critical with yourself and others. 

• Sep 9 and 10 2022 (Mercury stationary): Everything feels like it stagnated or got stuck. 

• Sep 10 2022 (Full Moon in Pisces—Harvest Full Moon): Very powerful lunation when you reap what you have sown in March/April. A time to gather with friends or work on a big project. 

Sep 11-Oct 3 2022 (Mercury retrograde): Avoid signing documents or starting new projects. • Sep 16 (Sun opposite Neptune): Deception, wrong first impressions, illusion, and 

Sep 16  2022 (Venus squares Mars): Conflict in relationships, lawsuits, arguments, and discord. 

Sep 22-23 2022 (Equinox: the day and night are equal and the beginning of the month of Libra): If you have any aspirations for your current (or a future) relationship, this is a good day to send it out there. 

Sep 23 2022 (Mercury conjunct the Sun right on the cusp of Virgo (work and functionality) and Libra (art, design, and relationships)): A good time to renegotiate contracts and heal relationships. 

Sep 26 2022 (New Moon in Libra): A good time to rekindle old relationships, reconnect to old artistic projects, edit designs and cut out of your relationships whatever is sabotaging them. According to Kabbalah and Talmud, this New Moon is the birthday of Adam and Eve, therefore, humanity's mythological birthday. Happy Birthday! 

There's an astrological point in each of our birth charts that can help determine where our luck lies its, 
This imaginary point is called the Pars Fortuna or Lot of  Fortune, and it’s calculated based on your Rising, Sun, and Moon signs. 

Indications for business/ Job success in your Birth chart

  • There are various different combinations of  planets that suggest whether the person will be in  job or business.  Learn more..

If you want to know your Business Success For this year or 5 years from now, let me give you example using my own Birth data. 

Your Personal Astrosignature Chart

Let use my Own Birth data as an example to See my Progression of my Past, present and future. 
The Calculation is base on my yearly Solar return chart

The Advantage of this chart reading is You can validate the Accuracy of the forecast by analysing the previous year. 

very often Year that are strong in "Athletic Performance" are also strong in "Business Success", or "Drive, ambition, work", or "Good Luck, Optimism". All 4 of these categories have something in common:..

Here are my Personal Astrosignature chart for Business Success 2021 to 2025
You can see the time line of Astrological below the line of the graph

NOTE this chart is Using my Own Birth data


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