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The SUN in 9th House in yearly Solar Return Chart


The 9th house is the house of beliefs. 

In many astrology books, this is the house of spiritual and religious information, but it actually rules much more than that.  

It includes any belief or misconception that guides or misguides one's life. Prejudice, religious intolerance, chauvinism, and all other ingrained, stubborn beliefs that control your life are seen in the 9th house of Solar return chart..

When the Sun is in the 9th house, many “higher” and "not so high" beliefs need to be tested and worked with. 

Generally, there is at least one major misconception recognized during the year. But it is also possible to realize the fulfillment of a strong belief in your own abilities. also read, Example Case Study chart - Sun in the 9th house of Solar return chart.

The beliefs which pass the test of the 9th house go on to be applied while the Sun is in the 6th house..

For example, a belief in the rights of animals might lead to a dietary change to vegetarianism: or a meditation practice established while the Sun is in the 12th house, might lead to an understanding of "anicca" (the Buddhist concept that everything is changing, nothing stays the same). 

Many philosophical perspectives, acquired while the Sun is in the 9th, can help alleviate stress when the Sun moves onto the 6th house.

The Sun in the 9th house of Solar return, can also indicate ex-tensive traveling. You are more likely to travel outside the country and overseas, especially if there are other 9th house placements. Experiencing other cultures should make you more tolerant of others and their belief systems.

When Neptune is also in 9th House of Solar return chartthis is a good time to study religion, philosophy, or holistic concepts. This field of study can be particularly helpful. Learn more..

Yearly Solar Return 
By Sign 


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The Moon's sign can be important even though the Moon has essentially only nineteen placements, because it is indicative of what the individual feels during the 

year and how he or she is most likely to exhibit those feelings. 

For example, a solar return Moon in Cancer, interpreted by itself and out of context, implies that the individual tends to be more emotional during the year. Learn More..

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NEPTUNE IN THE 9TH HOUSE of your Yearly Horoscope

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MOON IN THE 9TH HOUSE of your Yearly Horoscope

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If you are involved  a difficult situation, and you have any planets in the 9th house of your solar return chart, you may have misconceptions that are contributing to your problems or complicating the issues. Read More...

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 MARS IN THE 9TH HOUSE of your yearly Horoscope

This year you will identify strongly with your religious, philosophical, and ethical beliefs, and this is a good time to pursue further investigations in these areas.  Read more..

There is a strong emphasis on spirituality with this Jupiter in 9th House of Solar return placement. Read More..

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