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How to make a first-rate impression According to your Zodiac

When you meet someone new and want to make a good impression. Taurus,  your first words are important. With your distinctive voice, often so rich and resonant, you should be an instant stand out. But your reluctance to initiate the first move can hold you back. To attract lovers, friends or colleagues, be willing to speak up sooner. You may need to memorize a few stock opening lines that are light and witty but still sincere and in character. Then zero in on some common interests that will help achieve rapid rapport without giving away your too-serious intentions. Here, you could take a cue from your opposite Sign – Scorpio – and be more direct and clever in your tactics. You’ll always make a hit with members of the Signs most compatible with yours if you show your stability without seeming too inflexible.  Another Taurus will appreciate your love of luxury. The other Earth Signs – Virgo and Capricorn – will like your practical ways. The Water Signs – Cancer and Pisces – wi

Your ZODIAC SIGN hidden strengths – How to use them success

TAURUS  As a Taurus, your obvious strengths are your persistence, dependability and practical manner. These traits are second nature and easy to use for success. But, your hidden strengths may be even more effective, once tapped. Since they are buried deep in your subconscious mind, a special technique may be needed to activate them.   Your greatest hidden strength is your ability to radically change repressive circumstances through bold action . Next time you feel you’re in an uncomfortable rut, instead of placidly accepting a dead-end path, try to connect consciously with your inner strength of purpose. Relax, close your eyes for a few moments and breathe deeply. Visualize what you want to accomplish. Then repeat, “I now align with the power of right action.” Let your mind be receptive. Once you have harnessed this potent force, you’ll know how to move ahead confidently, taking the necessary steps calmly and decisively. Follow ZODIAC SEASON on twitter    As a Scorpi