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How to Keep or Lose the TAURUS you love


 • Cook them a great meal from scratch.
 • Give them neck massages.
 • Buy them the most expensive version of the gift they want when it isn’t on sale.
 • Don’t make them answer right away (unless you want them to say no).
• Don’t lend them money— give it to them. • When they say their mind is made up, believe them.
• Think of something you appreciate about them every day, and then tell them what it is.
• Let them sleep in when possible. • If you have to wake them up, do it with the smell of hot coffee or tea (no yelling). • Don’t use their things.


 • Ask them to return that item they borrowed from you.

 • Buy them a pleather briefcase.
 • Lovingly pat their belly.
 • Order fast food for your night on the town.
 • Sell their favorite chair in a yard sale.
 • Tell them that they’re not unintelligent, just “slow.”
 • Borrow money and don’t pay it back.
 • Give gift cards from the dollar store.
 • Leap out of bed after sex. • Buy them flowers from the sale rack at the grocery store.
 • Make fun of how they dance.


• The way they teach us how to trust our senses
• Their sexy voices
• How they make their partners feel like they’re the most important people in the world
• Their eye for quality and comfort
• The way they nurture, and provide safety
• The way they give gifts
• Their unending tenacity
• How they find simple ways to solve the most complex problems • Their movements
• Their cooking
• The way they can make any experience a sensual pleasure
• Their natural elegance

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