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How the #Zodiac Compatibility Pairing Affects Your Parenting

 If you have kids, you might wonder how you and your partner's zodiac pairing affects your parenting. It makes sense.
The good news is that “all zodiac pairings can work together. “However, some require more effort than others." Those requiring less effort, he added, are pairings that match Earth signs(Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo) with Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces) or Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) with Air signs (Libra, Aquarius, Gemini).

By observing your partner’s parenting style, .... ---->>>

2020-2021         MONTHLY HOROSCOPE     


you can pick up on traits that actually strengthen your own parenting. You may learn about being more sympathetic to your child from a Taurus, for example, or how to start saving for college from a Capricorn.

“All zodiac signs can learn from one another,”  “The most important thing is to find someone who shares similar values and views about the world as you do. We all have a sun sign and rising sign that allows us to be a blend, along with an individual natal chart. This is powerful in all of our relationships.”

And if you and your partner are the same sign? “It’s entirely okay, as long as the child is brought variety,” . It could mean, however, that you and your significant other bring the same strengths and the same weaknesses to parenting.

“A couple who are both Libra would have good communication skills but also may be quite indecisive. A couple who are both Sagittarius would be up for adventures but may be so busy exploring the world they forget to make dinner,” . As long as you're aware of the characteristics of your zodiac sign, you can consciously work to make sure all facets of the relationship with your kiddo are taken care of, whether this means leaning into flexibility from time to time, or creating a routine even if that doesn’t come naturally to you and your same-signed partner.

My partner is a stability-loving Virgo, so much so that when we were discussing our timeline for children (something that will inevitably get derailed, I’m sure) I said I'd prefer not to have a Virgo child because I don’t know if my dreamy Pisces soul can handle all that logical energy under one roof. But it turns out that another interesting family dynamic can happen when the child's zodiac sign is the same as one of their parents. This is likely to ultimately become a strength in the relationship, as the parent and child, "realize they were coming from the same place all along," .

"When a child shares your sun sign they are a true mirror in your life. Their struggles and challenges are messages for you. The parent may find the child's behavior very irritating because the parent sees their own childhood experiences and knows the mistakes the child will make," Stellhorn tells Romper. "But when the parent is self-aware, then sharing the same sun sign with your child can be very helpful. The parent can be a better guide for the child and really speak to what the child is experiencing."

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