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The 3 Zodiac Sign that feel sparks on a first date more easily than other SIGN

feel sparks on a first date more easily

Looking to the stars, there are certain zodiac signs that feel sparks on a first date more easily than other signs. Yes, almost everyone gets first-date jitters. But there's a different kind of spark you feel when you go out with someone for the first time and realize you can carve out a future with them.

 And based on your sign or your date's sign, there is a chance that one of you could start to catch feelings on the first date. --->>

    2020 to 20201 MONTHLY  HOROSCOPE     


PISCES (FEB. 19 – MAR. 20)

A Pisces will attract partners because of their distinct, Piscean brand of artistic and intuitive. They also will win over a first date because they're very empathetic.

So, combine their accepting attitude, adaptable nature, and Piscean taste for fantasy? If you can match their capacity for dreaming, they'll be feeling butterflies in no time. Catch a Pisces conjuring up rom-com montages of their new bae on the way home from a fabulous first date.

First dates to consider: Their favorite museum and lunch. Wander around with them in an artists' haven, and feed off of each others' creative energy and passion.
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Cancers tend to have a good balance of emotions and reason. Like the crab that signifies them, they can be a bit hard or sharp on the outside, but totally soft on the inside. That duality is why Cancers are such good listeners. And because they're so intuitive, they'll pick on all the little things that makes their date desirable.

That can be an astute and quirky sense of humor, or the fact that their date is really good with names and faces. Going on a first date with a Cancer can be wonderful if you click — crab pun intended — because they'll romanticize all the things about you that are already wonderful.

First dates to consider: A bookstore and delicious food and lattes at a nearby café. Travel with them through time and space by picking their brain about their favorite books. Be pleased when the tables turn and they listen intently to you.

LIBRA (SEPT. 23 – OCT. 23)

Libras tend to be easy-going and sociable. Their laidback nature is what makes them already inclined to see the best in their date — but it's good conversation that will really light that spark. A Libra will be drawn to any date who moves past small talk and can be their equal when it comes to chit-chat. They'll need someone to balance the scales of the conversation.

If you can match their flirtatious nature and wit, then a Libra's head will start to swim with all of those head-over-heels feelings. Keep the banter going over text and you'll leave an impression on a Libra, for sure.

First dates to consider: Film screening at an indie movie theater, and drinks. If they know you can hang when it comes to their gift of gab, a movie will perfect for the two of you to dissect over mojitos and margaritas. Indulge (or challenge) their film theories and watch them melt.

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    2020 to 20201 MONTHLY  HOROSCOPE     


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