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Is your Zodiac Sign is one of The Most Mysterious Zodiac?

In my opinion, these are the most mysterious zodiac signs — #Cancer,  3Scorpio, and  #Pisces — and I believe they're in their right to be this way.

The element water is incredibly mystical and enigmatic by nature. It's spiritually versatile and receptive to the universal undercurrents that exist all around us, so those with personal planets in water signs — like all of the aforementioned trio — are born with a psychic radar.

Don't believe me? Try lying to them, and then we'll talk. --->>>

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1. Scorpio

A lot of people are intimidated by Scorpio's hypnotic presence and brooding gaze. However, what most don't know is, this fixed water sign is deeply connected to the spirit world, thanks to their powerful planetary ruler, Pluto, Lord of the Underworld. It's almost as if those born under the sign of the scorpion wore a pair of X-ray glasses that allow them to see what's hiding beneath the surface.

2. Pisces: 

There's something so magical about Pisces. Although, don't be fooled by their dreamy persona and sleepy ocean eyes. This mutable water sign is the most complex in the entire zodiac, because the Pisces has a little bit of each zodiac sign within them already, which is why they can easily keep a relationship with an eclectic array of friendship groups. Bottom line being, they don't fall under a category.

3. Cancer: 

Cancers have a bad reputation for being "needy" and "too emotional," but there's a whole lot more to this cardinal water sign than meets the eye. Being ruled by the moon is enough said, considering the mystical connection this heavenly body hey're fas with our ancestors. An ancient symbol of the divine feminine, the ever-changing moon is a symbol of your innermost feelings and emotional foundation.


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