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Ranking of the Most Political Zodiac Signs

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There are some political zodiac signs in astrology whose mission is to see justice for all or have a desire to help people, save the environment, and make the world a better place for future generations.

 Not all political people have altruistic motives, but there are a lot who want to change things for the better.

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Aries are passionate about the things they believe in, so taking action for change is something that comes naturally to them. They will be out there marching, protesting, and going to public events.


Libras will create a video, write social media posts, or even write an op-ed for a national newspaper. If theirs is an unpopular opinion, Libra doesn't care; they'll still keep pushing to make change happen.

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Virgos are great when it comes to working a campaign because they know that a clear, specific message works best. And if they're writing a speech for their candidate, it will be focused, memorable, and concise.


Geminis don't just talk about politics, they give money and time to great causes and campaigns. They call their legislators, they march, and they participate in fundraising events.

5. LEO

Leos are often leaders, so politics are very important to them. Leos often have a role in government and are not afraid to give speeches or endorsements if they will help advance Leo's agenda.


Aquarians are humanitarians and one of their life's goals is to make the world a better place. They usually have many different causes that they work endlessly on.

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    2020 to 20201 MONTHLY  HOROSCOPE     


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