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What hurts you the most according to your Astrological Sign

Astrology gives us some clues as to what hurts a person’s emotions. But the answer does not lie in the Sun sign, which pretty much everyone looks up to understand someone better.

It’s actually a person’s Moon zodiac sign that has a greater effect on how a person feels and reacts emotionally to things. For instance, a typical Aquarius Sun horoscope sign might not be that emotional but if he or she has a Pisces moon, that would definitely make them very sentimental.

So without further do, let’s find out what hurts him the most according to his Moon zodiac sign.

Aries Moon Sign

This is an energizing moon placement. Aries is usually not considered the best sign for the moon to be in because it makes a person react more emotionally. But it has some really good sides. For instance, these people are usually very straightforward and have a kind of innocence to them. But their need to be the first in everything can cause some problems.

A lot of things about Aries including the fact that they come first in the zodiac wheel, their fire element, and their cardinal nature make them prone to depression if they feel like they are not the best in some sort of way.

Worse, an Aries moon guy would be deeply hurt if his significant other does not put him first and continuously makes him feel like he is second to some other thing in their life.

Taurus Moon Sign

Traditionally, a Taurus Moon sign is supposed to be a great placement. This makes a person very balanced in their moods, even though it can also bring some stubborn behavior. When he is in love, he showers his beloved with lots of sensual pleasures, from wining and dining them, to show a lot of physical affection. So, when their significant other gets stingy with these things, the Taurus moon man can get really hurt.

It’s because he feels love physical actions, mostly touch. So try not to deny him any physical affection if you want him to stay happy.

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CAP           -     AQUA     -  PISCES

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Gemini Moon Sign 

This creates a flexible mind that is always thinking something. He is the guy who has lots of interesting ideas and plans to share with you, so bear with him. That is if you want him to be happy.

Even though he is not that sensitive like some of the other guys on this list, he can still get hurt if you commit the ultimate sin of not listening to him or devaluing his thoughts and ideas. He holds his ideas very close to his heart and if you do not respect them, it would be like you don’t respect him. That is a deal breaker as it deeply hurts him.

Cancer Moon Sign 

This is the moon’s natural placement, so this guy possesses positive qualities such as sensitivity and a caring nature. But he can get pretty hurt if he feels like you do not care about his emotions. He probably would not come out and say it to you, but that is how it is for him.

Cancer moon can also make a person somewhat clingy but this is only because they are insecure. So this guy can also get hurt if you disappear for even a few hours, or appear like you are avoiding him.

It’s difficult for him to understand the concept of space, which can make him feel hurt if you give him no explanation as to what you are going to do when you are away from him. Communication is key.

Leo Moon Sign

This makes a person feel pretty confident most of the times. On the other hand, it could also make someone struggle with confidence a lot. It depends on other factors, of course. But what is true for all Leo moon sign people is that they deeply crave admiration and respect. So when their significant other make them feel like they are not admired, they can feel pretty sad.

It’s actually equally bad for Leo Moon guy to find out that his significant other does not think they are special. They secretly desire to be appreciated and recognized for their specialness, you see. So if you do not want your Leo Moon man to feel down, show him just how important and special he is to you.

Virgo Moon Man

Having Virgo Moon makes a person very anxious and worrisome. But they usually do not show it on the surface. On the inside though, they are constantly worrying about every little detail in a situation or social interaction. So this guy can be the classic sensitive guy who no one really believes is sensitive!

If you do not want to hurt him, watch how you act and react around him. Choose your words wisely because Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. And a lot of his day to day happiness could depend on your communication skills.

Libra Moon Man

This guy is also about partnerships and can be a little codependent. It’s just that he is at his best when he can share his good times and sorrows with someone else. So when his partner ignores him constantly or does not appear to be interested in spending quality time with them, they can feel pretty dejected.

To keep him, therefore, you need to offer them the companionship they crave from their partners. Because more than anything else, that is what they desire the most: your time and company.

Scorpio Moon Man

These men are difficult to understand, mostly because they NEVER share anything that is going on in their heads. This is especially true when he feels hurt or let down by someone because he is so afraid to be vulnerable with another. But what truly gets every Scorpio Moon sad is any form of disloyalty.

Trust and loyalty are very important to these people. They could love you a lot but if you have betrayed their trust, they will leave and never look back, no matter how much it hurts them. So make sure you are always honest with them because they also have a strong intuition that they heavily rely on. It will alert them if you are being fake or lying to them.

Sagittarius Moon Sign

This makes a person very sunny and usually happy. It takes a lot to make these people feel down. But they can feel down if someone is denying them two things that they value a lot: freedom and honesty.

Let me explain. These guys have a deep need to feel as if they are totally free. So when a partner tries to put too many restrictions on them by telling them what they can or cannot do or by giving them ultimatums, they can start feeling really upset.

Also, these guys really value honesty to the max. So if their partner keeps the truth from them regarding any matter, small or big, they can question the very relationship and definitely pull back.

Capricorn Moon Sign

This guy is very hard to read. He can appear almost emotionless. But don’t be fooled by that cool surface. Underneath that, he can be very sensitive, actually. He can be hurt by the little actions. For example, getting food and not offering to share. Also, getting something that is not of good quality or is very inexpensive. They might think that you don’t value them as much.

Also, if you never listen to their advice, they might feel like you don’t believe in their judgment. So, basically, actions that might send the message that you don’t really value them much can be hurtful for a Capricorn Moon man.

Aquarius Moon Sign

This guy can actually be pretty detached and low-maintenance emotionally. But that does not mean he is immune to sad spells. In fact, there are many things that can hurt them. One sure way to hurt them is by criticizing their choice of friends. They strongly identify with groups, especially their friend circle. So criticizing their friends is as bad as criticizing them.

Another way their partner can hurt them is by devaluing their ideas and thoughts. They are usually very progressive in their thoughts and a lot of people usually do not know how to relate to them. But it’s very important to them that their partners accept them for who they are, odd ideas and all.

Pisces Moon Sign

This is the ultimate sensitive guy. He has a lot of feelings, and usually, he feels comfortable sharing them with you. The problem arises when you start discouraging them from sharing feelings and emotions.

Even if you do it subtly, they catch on to it and can feel very deflated. Another way to hurt them is by criticizing their dreams. That would be crushing because that’s how they connect with their partners: dreaming together.

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