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Bedtime routines for each ZODIAC sign that you can give a try

The stars hold some answers, as there are different styles of bedtime routines for each #zodiac sign that align with your astrological qualities.

By leaning into your astrological qualities, you might be able to find a routine that sticks —

 here are some suggestions for bedtime routines for each zodiac sign that you can give a try.


You're always full of energy and ready to start something new, but you can't stay in high-action mode 24/7. To help you wind down for sleep, try journaling every night for just 10 or 15 minutes before going to bed.  ---->>>

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Because you're naturally a sensory-oriented person, aromatherapy might be more effective for you, Taurus. Investing in an inexpensive oil diffuser and a few high-quality essential oils that promote sleep


Your brain is constantly on high-power mode, processing information and thinking things through. That can make it tough to live in the moment or allow yourself to relax, so try to ground yourself by jotting down a short list of everything you felt grateful for that day


You love to feel nurtured and to nurture others, Cancer, so bring the power of herbal medicine to your bedtime routine by boiling a nightly pot of tea.


You're a creative fire sign full of will power, Leo, so you're good at enjoying life's pleasures! Prioritizing sensual time before sleep is a great way to help relax both your body and mind.


You're highly focused on the details, Virgo, and you love tackling a good to-do list. This quality can make settling down and relaxing difficult. Why not put yourself on-task by following a guided meditation before bed?


As a Venus-ruled sign, you deeply appreciate aesthetics and beauty — and you'll love connecting with the gentle power of healing bedtime crystals. Celestite, lithium quartz, and lepidolite are touted for being able to promote relaxation and sleep. You can arrange the crystals near your bed, and if you want to take things up a notch, place one under your pillow or meditate with it before going to sleep.


You're a water sign, so sleep is a restorative time for you to process your emotions. Ditch your morning showers in favor of nighttime showers and see how it affects you. The soothing ritual of taking a warm shower before bed can help relax you, and there are lots of shower hacks to reduce anxiety that can make it an even more healing experience.


As a fire sign, you're always full of energy and excitement, so sometimes it can be hard to fall asleep at night. Wearing a good, old-fashioned eye mask and a pair of ear plugs to block out light and noise can help ensure a longer and more restful night's sleep, free of distractions, so give it a shot.


Work is important to you, Cap, and sometimes taking home your work is par for course. Spending your last waking moments of the day sorting through your work e-mails and filling your brain with tomorrow's stresses isn't a relaxing way to wind down. Treat bedtime as a sacred screen-free time by committing to putting your phone away one hour before bedtime


You're on your tech devices all day long, gathering information and forming fresh and innovative new ideas. But reading before bed is a great and quiet way to wind down and help stimulate sleep, and it can make a world of difference for your creativity, too.


Your gentle, watery spirit could use a little pampering at the end of each day. Indulge in buying your favorite skincare products and let yourself have a sweet and sensual pre-bedtime routine. No need for anything fancy

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