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SOCIAL Distancing and the ZODIAC Sign

We thought it'd be fun to break down how everyone's doing with social distancing, according to your zodiac sign. You're welcome!


You know that one friend you have to keep reminding about the pandemic and pleading with them to just stay home while they try to convince you to help them throw a party in the Walmart pasta aisle? Betcha they're an Aries.

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Social distancing infographic


Any Taurus you know is likely either staying home no matter what or going out no matter what. Supremely stubborn, people born under this sign find a position and stick with it. If there's a guy standing outside a bar, holding a beer and shouting "Wooooooo!" at passing cars, he's probably a Taurus.

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Prone to thinking outside the box, even when it's a perfectly good box and everyone else seems fine with using it, Geminis go their own way. They favor overcomplicating everything, even when it doesn't make any sense. Speaking of, did you hear about how coronavirus was manufactured by aliens in an underground base at Area 51? No? Go ask a Gemini.


Those born under this sign are outwardly empathic and kind, which is normally fine but since Cancers are also prone to extreme bouts of masterful manipulation, be careful around them. If you strike up a conversation with one who doesn't want to risk going to the store, you'll find yourself in the checkout line buying their Pop-Tarts and toilet paper before you even realize they convinced you to go for them.


Leos were born to take control of the household in times like these. If you're quarantined under the same roof as a Leo, then just go ahead and fold the kitchen towels how they want and, I dunno, don't use wire hangers or whatever else they like to yell at you about. Or don't. Fold the towels however you want if you don't mind the yelling because they're also one of the laziest signs, so the chances of them actually getting up off the couch to do their own laundry is minimal at best.


Virgos are the moms of stay-at-home mandates. If you need food, they'll cook something up and leave it on your doorstep. Do you need anything from the store? Because they'd be glad to pick it up for you while they're there. No sense all of us risk being exposed, right? If you're lucky enough to know a Virgo during all this, be nice. You'll need them before it's over.


People born under this sign crave balance in all things. You know, like with Thanos. The good news is most Libras aren't out to destroy half the universe, but they'll still be predisposed to trying to balance their home lives with their going out lives while we're under lockdown. Keep an eye on them.


If you're social distancing with a Scorpio in your home, we wish you the best of luck. That's all, really. Good luck, brave soldier. You'll need it.


The exact opposite of the homebody Aquarius, those born under this sign absolutely hate staying home. They crave travel and interactions with interesting people, which makes them the most likely to be that one person you know who's getting great deals on flights right now.


These people are just gonna have a staredown with the virus until somebody blinks. And it won't be the Capricorn.


If there's one sign to look toward for social distancing leadership, it's Aquarius. Which is unfortunate, since they'd much rather be curled up on their couch with a good book or binging Netflix than leading anyone anywhere.


Pisces are naturally social but also tend to be socially awkward around strangers, so this whole staying at home thing is perfect for them as long as they don't live alone or at least have a phone.

  • What positive or negative moments will the ZODIAC 2021 outline? Will Your Zodiac Sign be more successful in 2021 than in previous years? Will a single  find fateful love? What about the horoscope of love for 2021, for your Personalized  Zodiac Sign? 

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