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Astrological Indications for Doctor Profession

 #Doctors are one of the prestigious professions  in any country and are really important for any  community to keep its people healthy and play a  significant role in our lives, no matter our ages,  cultural backgrounds or medical needs.

 Planets which play the most vital role in the  doctor horoscope are Sun, Jupiter and Moon. In case  of surgeon Mars also play a important role.

Jupiter is the planet of... ----->>

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ultimate knowledge  and wisdom. It gives the knowledge to cure a person,  to make the native humane and benevolent. Moon  will be afflicted or have malefic influence on it, which  will make the person strong, to administer drugs, to  perform surgery and to make the native cruel enough  to see other person suffering and healing them. A  highly soft hearted person will not be strong enough  to see other person suffering and healing them.

Sun is known as indicator of soul. It has the  ability to cure someone and giving life.  
  • 1st house indicates general physical and  mental attitude and inclination.  
  • 4th house indicates education.  
  • 5th house indicates intelligence and education.  To be a doctor you need to be intelligent and good in  education.  
  • 10th house is the house of profession and  rewards, recognition and status. So, a doctor will  have strong 10th house. 
  • The 5th and 10th house will be connected  either by placement, aspect or conjunction creating  planetary combinations for medical profession.  
  • 6th house indicates service and diseases.  8th house indicates longevity, long term  diseases, life span and death.  9th house indicates higher education and  blessings.  
  • 12th house indicates hospitals, beds. So, these  two houses must be connected by placement, aspect  or conjunction to create planetary combinations for  medical profession.  
  • 2nd house, 9th house and 11th house act as  supplementary houses in doctor’s horoscope. If  Jupiter, Sun, Moon or Mars create relations with  these houses it will make planetary combinations for  medical profession.
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 Planetary combinations for doctors in the  horoscope are as under.  
  • 1. The 5th house or 10th house or their lord  should be connected with 6th house or 12th house or  their lords. The connection can be by placement,  aspect or conjunction.  
  • 2. Jupiter will influence the 5th house, 10th  house or lagna or their lord. Moon should be  afflicted. It represents blessings for effective  treatment and power of healing.  
  • 3. The Sun and Moon is either afflicted by  malefic or related with 6th, 8th or 12th house or their  lords.
  •   4. Association of Sun and Saturn either by  conjunction, mutual aspect or exchange is helpful for  doctors. 

Mars and Rahu are the planets that denotes  surgery, so in a horoscope when 10th house has  relationship with Mars and Rahu, then it will give  combinations for becoming a surgeon. It also  produces excellent radiologists and diagnostic in  general medicine. 

 Mars rules doctors, surgeons and other  medical professions like chemist. Mars and Mercury  well placed in the horoscope with the positive  influence from Rahu make a person neurosurgeon.  The planet Moon is the indicator of mind and planet  Mercury is the indicator of brain. The afflicted Moon  and combination of Mars and Moon will help person  to be neurologist. Moon well placed with Mars,  Mercury and Rahu also produces neurosurgeon.  

If Sun, Venus and Jupiter are placed in the  10th house, then the person becomes gynaecologist.  The gynaecologist deals with the health of female  reproductive systems.  The combination of Sun and Jupiter create  cardiologist. 

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