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Astrological Indications for Fashion Profession

Designer  The world of  #fashion is very broad and is  growing rapidly. There is great attraction for the  latest fashion and trends in young people’s minds  and nobody is immune to its effects. There are many  variations in the field of fashion as some develop  interest in jewellery, ornaments, clothing, cutting  and tailoring etc.

The houses and planets which play a vital role  in this field are as under:  --->>














  • 3rd house is house of talent.  
  • 9th house is house of special education.  
  • 12th house is included because due to  influence of this chart the person gets the  opportunities to prove his talent abroad. It is also the  3rd house from 10th.  Venus is the significator of ornaments and  decorations. 
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Venus is the primary planet and its  interaction and prominence in the house of  professional matter and the respective   profession in the horoscope is the determining factor  of a person to be successful in this field. Venus is the  planet of beauty, creativity and these attributes are  essential prerequisites to become a successful  designer. The influences and interaction of other  planets decide in which field of designing one would  opt for.

Moon is the significator of heart and great  ideas of Venus come to the forefront with the support  of Moon.

The good placement of Mars and Saturn is  also considered auspicious.

 Mars is the planet of energy and since this  field is the person’s individual talent and to make a  mark in this field confidence has to be high.  Saturn is considered a technical planet and as  a result of good placement of Saturn the dedication  of the person increases. These planets should have  relation with 2nd and 10th house.


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