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Astrological Indications for Hotel Business

In today’s era of globalization, hotel and  hospitality sector has seen an immense boom,  assuming greater significance and is fast developing  into a lucrative career provider. 

To be associated with a career in hotels, a  native requires education as well as training and the  houses and planets relevant for this industry are  following:  

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Astrological Indications for Hotel Business info-graphic

  • 2nd house is the house of food, voice and  speech. 
  •  4th house is important for the business in  hotels, because it is considered for the happiness of  the family and the guests expects that at hotels he  should feel at home. 
  •  6th house is the house of hospitality.  
  • 7th house is fourth from fourth therefore it is  important for hotel.It is considered home away from  home.  
  • An entrepreneur should also have an  influence of 2nd,9th and 11th house in the horoscope.  Venus has importance to be associated in the  business of hotels.  Rahu also has influence which is important in  the hotel business.  Moon also plays an important role in the  business of hotels. 
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If these planets share a relationship with 6th  /12th, ascendant/ 7th, 2nd/ 8th house /lords, then the  person will achieve success in business in hotels.  

Venus and  relation with other planets  takes a person towards hotel business. If the Ruler of  10th house is with Venus or powerful Venus is the  lord of 10th house a person gets opportunities to  establish hotel business.  

Mars is a fiery planet and gives a person the  ability to manage business.  
Saturn, the Signifacator of public also needs to be  well placed.  If the Ruler of ascendant is in 4th house with  Saturn or the Ruler of 4th house, and Mars in 10th  house is forming a relation with Venus, the person is  inclined towards setting up a hotel business.  

Mercury also plays an important role in hotel  business. A person will achieve success in hotel  business if Saturn is the lord of 4th house and it is  present with either the lord of ascendant

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