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Astrological Indications for Journalist Profession

There are many professions in the world and  an important profession that deals with the  distribution of information is that of a journalist.  They have the art of using attractive words, have  good writing skills and have the ability to mould their  words into pearls or burning coal, has the ability to  change a drop into ocean and has the ability to  cause a revolution.

Writer is a person who knows and  understands all the aspects of life and plays an  important role in shaping and reforming a society.  He understands the people’s mind, their sorrows,  their happiness, excitement, passion, emotions,  feelings and because of his fertile imagination he can  be so convincing in his writing skills that his writing  can bring revolutionary changes in the society. They  have deep insight into the minds of people and they  not only talk about the problems prevalent in the  society but also have the effective solution to the  problem.

Mercury is considered as a significator of --->>

    2020 to 20201 MONTHLY  HOROSCOPE     


pen  and Mars of ink in astrology. The combination of  both the planets brings the person into the  profession of journalism.

Mercury represents intellect, writing skills and  reasoning.

Jupiter represents exceptionally good writing  skills and reserve mental energy.  Saturn represents deep thinking and analysis.

Venus represents style and creativity.

Moon represents imagination, intuition and  visualization.

Mercury is fickle, unsteady and an influential  planet which reacts quickly when the influence of  Mercury combines with the influence of Jupiter then  it creates an auspicious yoga. The person who is in  the profession of journalism should also have the  influence of 6th house.

  • 3rd House is the house of communication and  reflects the art of speaking.  
  • 5th house is the house of education and also  gives the person an ability to speak artistically.
  • 9th house is the house of higher education and  destiny.  
  • 10th house is the house of occupation.  If these three houses have positive influences,  then the person will achieve success in the field of  journalism.  
  • The 3rd house should be in strong position. It  would be auspicious for the journalists, if the planets  associated with journalism form a relationship with  3rd house in large number.  
  • When Rising Sign, Rising Sign lord and 3rd house are  related to Jupiter, Mercury and Moon in the 10th  house person becomes writer. 
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