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Astrological Indications for Lawyer Profession

 #LawProfession plays an integral role in any  community as it generally works to analyze and solve  legal problems and ensure that justice is enforced.  Career in judiciary is also a dream for many which is  a respective field. Legal profession requires  knowledge, intelligence, courage and strategy.

The houses and planets responsible for career  in this field are following:

Sun is the king of solar system and represents  government. It’s connection with 10th house indicates  high post.
Jupiter is the planet of wisdom, justice. He  has to take wise decisions based on the arguments.
Mars is a fiery planet who takes quick  decisions and reacts rapidly. Power and courage comes from the planet Mars. It gives courage to fight  the case with bravery.
Saturn is the planet of law. It represents  justice.
 Mercury represents intelligence, speech and  mental abilities. It is Signifacator of speech.  Rahu is diplomatic.
 The chart also shows  inclinations for lawyer,  If 10th house happens to be Libra with Mars,  Jupiter and aspect from Saturn  If the lord of 6th house is exalted and gets  aspect from Jupiter or Saturn or Mars.  If Jupiter or Saturn is well placed in 10th  house and Mercury is placed in the 2nd house

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