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Astrological Indications for Teaching profession

 Teaching is one of the most respected  professions across the world and play a significant  role in any society as they build the foundation of the  country’s future. With the emergence of public and  private schools everywhere and the rise of private  institutes and universities, the need for teachers is  on an all time high.

The houses and Planets playing significant  role in this sector are as under:  --->> 

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  • Jupiter is the planet that rules education and  for teaching profession the Jupiter has to be strong  in the chart of the native.  
  • 4th house plays an important role as house of  education, ruling children and education.  
  • 5th house also has to be well placed. 
  •  If 4th house is aspected or conjoined with the Ruler of 2nd house and/ or  11th house then one becomes a teacher.  
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  • If 4th and 9th Ruler conjoin with 2nd /or 11th  house the native becomes a teacher.  
  • If Jupiter, Mercury and Sun influence 10th  house or 10th lord, the native may become a teacher.  
  • If 10th lord is in Navansha of Jupiter, Mercury  or Sun, then the person may become teacher. 
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If any of the signs ruled by Jupiter, Mercury  and Sun becomes ascendant and the ascendant is  strong, then the native has inclination to become  teacher. 

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