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Astrological Indications for Engineering Profession

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 Engineering as a career has attracted many  students in a big way and a large number of  aspirants taking the engineering exams are  testimony to this fact.

The fructification of result to produce a  famous and successful engineer depends on  numerous astrological factors.

The following houses  in the horoscope and planets are the driving force for  a native to embark on the field of engineering and  other related work. 

    2020 to 20201 MONTHLY  HOROSCOPE     


  • 1st house governs native’s capability,  interaction and vitality.  
  • 2nd house indicates status and accumulated  wealth.  
  • 3rd house indicates initiative, communication  and learning.  
  • 5th house indicates intellect and speculative  gains.  
  • 6th house indicates financial stability and debt  conditions.  
  • 9th house indicates fortunes and long journey.  
  • 10th house indicates profession.  
  • 11th house indicates income and gains. 

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 Mars is a fiery planet which represents  courage, tools, industries, energy and force. The  core engineering sector like civil, electoral and mechanical require application of force and fire to a  given project in above areas of engineering.  

Saturn is related to labour, iron and steel  industries, care and maintenance of machinery. It is  also natural significator of employment. The strength  and good placement of Saturn is therefore one of the  most important factors for success and smoothness  in professional matters. Saturn takes one in the field  of mining engineering.  

Mercury provides mental abilities and  mathematics which are an integral part of  engineering studies and takes the native to  aeronautical engineering. Combination of Mars and  Saturn give good education in engineering field. Mars  and Saturn must be combined or having aspect from  each other.  

Venus is the planet of beauty and planning. A  person involved in the field of engineering especially  architectural engineer require the skill of planning  and designing to give shape to his project. 

 The positive and constructive manoeuvring,  manipulative and innovative ideas are the main  attributes for successful engineers to plan their new  projects and infrastructure. Rahu gives manoeuvring  abilities coupled with innovative ideas. Rahu grooms  as software engineer. 

 Different combinations of planets and stellar  positions indicate engineering fields and for selecting  the right engineering profession.  If Sun and Mercury are conjoined and having  the aspect of Saturn, it would make the native a  computer engineer.  Mercury and Venus combination in a  horoscope gives education in chemical engineering or  electrical engineering. 

Venus is the karka planet of computers. Mars  is the planet of electrical or civil engineering.  Mercury is the planet of sculpting, logic and  calculation. Saturn is the planet of technical and  instrumental works. Sun in conjunction with Mars  helps to become an engineer.  

Mars and Mercury conjunction with the  influence of 10th lord is best combination for the  profession in mechanical engineering. 

 Mars and Moon well placed in 10th house,  Saturn and Venus conjunction aspecting 10th house  is an excellent combination for successful civil  engineering. 

 Mars well placed in the 4th house or 10th  house with benefic Venus influencing 10th house or  10th lord makes one successful engineer. 

 Mercury is the planet of communication. Well  placed Mercury in the 3rd house or 10th house with  the influence of Mars makes one successful  communication engineer. 

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