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Astrological Indicator for Computer professional

With the explosive growth in computers and  technology across all industries and the use of  increasingly advanced programming and hardware,  there is more demand than ever for skilled computer  professionals.

The following houses and Planets are vital for  success in this field:  --->>>

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  • 1st house represents you and who you are as a  person. Whichever planet is placed in the ascendant  becomes the most important planet via which your  life will revolve around.  
  • 3rd house represents information of all type,  gathering information, arranging information,  distributing information and as such without the  support of this house, IT field cannot exist.  
  • 5th house represents education. 
  •  9th house represents higher education.  
  • 10th house represents profession. 
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 Moon is the Significator of mind and since  everything starts from Moon and as such thought of  becoming software professional has to start from the  mind.
Mercury is the Significator of education and  represents languages. It is also planet of logic and  calculation. Software programming is also a  language.  Mars represents engineering, technology and  inner working of machinery.

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