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The houses and Planets which play an important role for Television / Film Industry Job

 Not everyone wants to be an engineer or a  doctor and today students are willing to try  something new for their career. They are looking for  a career that is not only lucrative but has a great  future. The entertainment industry is too big with a  lot of opportunities and is growing rapidly.

The houses and Planets which play an  important role for this lucrative career are as under:  
  • your personality  and is very important. It makes a very influential  personality which is very much needed in this  industry. This house deals with your physical  abilities and being 10th from 4th house of mind also  deals with mental abilities. So to have a successful  career the 1st house should be devoid of all negative  influences, afflictions of malefic planets. If lord of  this house is placed in Kendra or trikona, and  connected to strong Venus and Mars, it will indicate  a career in the film industry.  
  • 2nd house & 3rd house are also very important  as speech and communication are ruled by these two  houses and their lords respectively which is  important for actor’s profession.  
  • 5th house is the house of entertainment or  fans. If the 5th house is connected with the 10th  house of career and strong Mars, Venus and Sun  these three planets are connected with this  combination, the native is going to become great  entertainer with a lot of fan following. 
  • 9th house is the house of fortune.  
  • 10th house is the house of profession.  
  • 11th house is about gains. If this house is not  strong, the film will not give profits. 
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 Sun is the king and is responsible for  authority, power, fame and without the strength of  this planet a person is not going to get fame in  industry. Sun should be strong and if Sun is weak,  then the person may have the talent and might have  done his best, but fame will not be there or if there  then it will not be much. As such position of this  planet should be favourable.

 Moon signifies mood. Moon and Mercury  combine indicates the power of expression. Moon  gives those mental qualities to writer to make the  story perfect, to directors and script writers to feel  the story and implement that practically and actors  to feel their own character in the story and express  that. Actors need to be expert in expressing various  types of emotions, sentiments, tragic moments and  here Moon plays an important role.  

If Moon and Venus are well connected then  the person will be able to write a romantic film or act  romantically. If Moon is not strong then your  creativity would not be strong and this place is all  about creativity.  

Mars is a fiery planet and is all about  fearlessness and boldness. It gives a fire within a  person that makes him fight with all the adversities.  


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