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Find out what your lock down trait is… according to Zodiac

There's no doubt that life in lockdown has its challenges, but this new routine and disruption to normality is harder for some star signs than others.

read on  how the different zodiacs are coping with self-isolation and what traits are cropping up because of it. 

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Aries views lockdown as an infringement of personal independence. The ram feels enormously frustrated by being caged up and one hour of outdoor exercise is not nearly enough when they are used to burning off their fire sign energy with constant activity. They survive by being goal oriented. Lockdown trait: Bossy.


The bull is a creature of habit. Once they have got used to the new routine they embrace the new structure to such an extent, they would not wish to bounce out of lockdown too quickly. Taureans are organised and placid. They survive on cups of tea and affection.
Lockdown trait: Calmness.


Connectivity makes the Gemini world go round. They have exchanged their people gatherings for the virtual kind and they are busier than ever with their virtual everythings. They have a low threshold of boredom and can't wait to get out and about. They survive on digital newsfeed.
Lockdown trait: First with the news.

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Cancer is the sign of the home, so more time for their personal life is heaven. They have morphed into being domestic gods and goddesses even with short supplies of goods. Cancer survives on nurturing and protecting others.
Lockdown trait: Baking.


The lion is pacing the rooms of their lair, itching to get out and exude their expressive, extrovert personality. In captivity, Leo upgrades their domain, adding royal flourishes and is never short on treats as getting by on essentials is a horror to them. They survive by creating special occasions. Lockdown trait: Telling others what to do.


Germ-phobic at the best of times, Virgo is using lockdown for their favourite pastime of deep cleaning. For them, it is an excuse to colour-code their closets, forensically file their paper-work and to engage in daily health rituals. They survive by list-making.
Lockdown trait: Anxiety.


Libra thrives on peace and harmony which they feel is in short supply these days. Wanting to keep others happy is their number one priority so they are making an effort to fulfil special food items, referee family discord and maintain a balance. They survive by compliance.
Lockdown trait: Agreeing with everyone.


The Scorpion has a rich inner life, so does quite well under lockdown. Private by nature, they adapt easily to less contact with others and are busily engaged in turning the crisis into a triumph so they can rise like a Phoenix from the Ashes. They survive by digging deep behind surface stories to gain awareness. Lockdown trait: Resilience.


Playful and spontaneous by nature, archers feel their outside entertainment has died. They make up for it by forwarding jokes, keeping people amused with games and pushing their one-hour allowance to improve their fitness. They survive by making light of things.
Lockdown trait: Looking forward.


Self-discipline and even deprivation come naturally to the goat, so they easily obey the rules of lockdown. Besides, they will have already built up an every-ready store cupboard as they anticipated the good life may be challenged one day. They survive by making good use of every minute in the day.
 Lockdown trait: Stickler for the rules.


The water bearer is a free spirit and a people person, so lockdown severely cramps their style. However, even in their home space they can be happy because they get to do their own thing. They dream up ingenious ways to occupy themselves and others. They survive by questioning everything. Lockdown trait: Distancing from those they live with!


Pisces is suffering from sensory deprivation in lockdown. Their idealistic approach to life can only be satisfied by endless romcoms and they are overwhelmed by the suffering of the world. They were not organised enough to stock up. They survive by imagining a better future.
 Lockdown trait: Dreaming even when awake.

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