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How a CANCER zodiac start a new relationship

Cancer Sign

Some signs, like Aries or Pisces, like to rush straight into a relationship, only to have second thoughts later. But other signs have to really take their time and make sure that the person they are seeing causally is really the right fit for something more serious. It could be self-protection, or fear of intimacy; whatever the case, some signs just need that extra bit of more time to stop and think before they are fully willing to give you their heart.

So if, like me, you're a firm believer that only fools really do rush in, then you're probably one of the following signs.

For Cancer, ...

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starting a new relationship is both an exciting and terrifying time. This water sign's (ruled by the Moon, no less) emotions run very deep and very powerfully, which makes their hearts all the more vulnerable when they do open up. So, to help safeguard their feelings, they hide behind an emotional shell that at times can feel like it's impossible to pierce through. This sign is shrewd and cautious and carefully considers whether or not someone is worth the risk before getting serious. But be patient. Loving, and loyal and Cancer will shed that shell all on their own.

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