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Wellness & Fitness Tips For ARIES Sign

Running on the treadmill may work for some people, and Pilates appeals to others. Each sign is associated with a different part of the body. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses. The trick is finding a wellness plan and a workout style that matches your astrological personality and lifestyle.


In astrology, Aries rules the head and the face. What’s going on in an Arian’s head—especially feelings of stress caused by...

feeling afraid or humiliated, missed deadlines, and lost opportunities—strongly influences what is going on in the body and makes Aries prone to headaches, toothaches, and neuralgia around the jaws.

 Arians can burn out from too much work more easily than other signs. They’re so busy, they haven’t got time to be sick, but when they do fall ill, they usually make a speedy recovery but can lose their vaunted optimism if the recovery takes too long.

Arians need to be careful of doing things too quickly, as they may injure themselves with knives, scissors, or metallic objects with sharp edges. They should take care not to strain their eyes. Little “time outs” are good for an Aries: hot baths, five minutes in a hammock, getting their hair done—these will work wonders to heal and rejuvenate.

Aries likes to work out fast and furiously and usually alone. Interval training and its micro bursts of very high- intensity exercise coupled with short durations of timed recovery can work well for them. Even so, Aries needs to be careful of doing things too quickly. Because Aries rules the head, sometimes headaches can make working out unadvisable.

Aries is the sign of pioneers, so newly devised methods and long hikes in the fresh air will help clear their heads as well as heal, nurture, and rejuvenate their adventurous spirits. Massage with a focus on the forehead and the temple area would be especially calming and helpful.

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