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Why he may be thinking you are adorable at that moment according to Zodiac

Your horoscope sign can help determine what he is thinking when he calls you adorable.
Astrology can predict through your personality why he may be thinking you are adorable at that moment.

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You like speed and competition almost as much as you love winning. So when you guys are in some sort of competition state of mind whether it be playing Mario cart against each other or seeing who is faster at looking up directions, you love to win.

Once in this competitive state and he loses, or he lets you win, and he calls you adorable he is thinking how great of a girl you are that he doesn’t have to show off in front of you to keep you interested. He loves your competitive side and is confident enough that when you win he is not mad or embarrassed.


He knows you love material pleasures in life. So when he gifts you something small and you get so excited he probably calls you adorable at this moment. He loves that you love your stuff but he also loves how much any gift he gives you releases your inner little girl fascinated with the new toy he just gave you. He loves being that little source of happiness in that gifting moment.


You are expressive and quick-witted so he probably calls you adorable when you just blurt something random out of your mouth that makes him chuckle. He really loves your ability to really tell him how you are feeling in such a nonchalant way.

He thinks that you are special for your ability to easily express your emotions and he knows where you really want to eat so that argument is typically avoided.


Your sympathetic nature allows you to deeply understand or want to understand everyone no matter what they do. He may call you adorable after you watch a movie and you attempt to sympathize with the criminal as for why he did what he did. He thinks you are so sweet and kind-hearted for wanting to find everyone’s good side. This comes down to him thinking you are nurturing and men love a nurturing woman.

5. LEO

You love being in leadership positions and thrive under pressure. So when you come to him for advice or help he calls you adorable because he loves that you want his opinion when he knows you can do it on your own.

He appreciates you seeking his help even though you were born to handle difficult situations and know what to do most of the time. He thinks you are the boss woman of his dreams but you still want him in your life even if you don’t need him.


You always plan everything to the tee, so when you come to him with a detailed plan about how you two are going to spend your Saturday, he probably calls you adorable. He loves that you spend the time to think about every little detail for an event with him and how hard you work.

He appreciates how much you have to do and how you are willing to take the time to plan something with him. He may also think you are a tiny bit crazy but loves that side of you!


You absolutely cannot stand to be alone, so when you are always with your friends and call him he calls you adorable. He loves that even when you are with your friends you are thinking of him. He thinks it’s adorable that you don’t like being alone because it means he gets to spend more time with you and can’t wait.


You are naturally a very calm and collected person so when you get jealous he thinks it’s adorable. He loves to see the jealous side of you that he doesn’t often get to see because you are so calm most of the time.

He gets to see a new side of you and learn new things about you so he finds it amusing that you can get to be jealous and takes it as a compliment that you wouldn't typically admit your love for him.


He thinks your intense curiosity, energy, and optimism are adorable. These qualities you possess remind him of his youth and make you seem younger than you are and so much fun. He loves the adventures and conversations between you two that have built your relationship on fun and optimism because of your qualities.

10. CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 19)

You are so practical and stubborn, so when you are being stubborn about something romantic or are discussing your future together he thinks you are acting adorable. If he truly loves you the talk about how practical your futures are together, excites him because he is ready for the next step and is in love with you guys being on the same page.

11. AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18)

When you are alone and tell him to leave you alone with your hobby in a cute way, makes him think you are so adorable. He loves the independent side of you and thinks that it is such an amazing quality. He never has to worry that you will be clingy and he loves it. He also loves how the alone time you spend makes the time you guys spend together much more special.


He loves how connected to music and art you are. He thinks your artistic hobbies are adorable because you have such a connection to them. He loves getting to know you more through your favorite art activities and love that you get so excited to show them to him.

When you get super excited to show him a new song you discovered or a new piece you just drew, he thinks this enthusiasm is adorable because it is a true piece of you that you chose to share with him.

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