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ARIES Mindful Meditation Practice to Try



If you want to be free of irrational fears and phobias then you might want to take a few minutes each day to act "as if' you already are. You must tell yourself that you are cool, calm, and collected even if you know you are going to be in a situation that scares you, like a test, job interview, public speaking, or interacting with unpleasant people. Do not waste your time worrying that you might fail or that people will think you are foolish. Instead, take the time to do this exercise with the certain knowledge that it can help you.

Do some slow,  ---->>>

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deep breathing to relax yourself. Visualize yourself in the situation that you fear, but see yourself calm and successfully able to do what you how you can and want to do. See yourself happy to accomplish your goal. Tell yourself 'I've gotten where I am because I am strong and can overcome anything I need to overcome.

I have done this before. I don't have to be afraid. I am enjoying this.' When you have reprogrammed this way, you will be free of anxiety in the real situation because you have reinforced the experience as a positive one Your unconscious mind does not how the difference between events actually experienced in normal waking consciousness and those experienced as strongly felt images, especially those experienced while you are in an alpha state.

As real as you can see it is as real as it can be. The more you see yourself as the strong person you are and build up your self- esteem, the better you will be able to face what life brings to you. You deserve happiness. By acting 'as if,' you are telling the very cells of your body that you already are.



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