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GEMINI Mindful Meditation Practice to Try

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Writing not only connects the brain to the body in a deliberate and concentrated way but also making this 'blueprint' of your life is a creative act and creativity is another way to practice using your power over yourself and your life. If you can make your list
and not have to worry about anyone finding it, be thankful and write that down as one of the items in your plus column.

Using a separate notebook, divide a piece of paper 81/2 x a or larger, down the middle. On one side make a list of all the good things about your life. Head this column as My Good Fortune. It is important that you list a few of these things first. Come on, there must be some good things to be thankful for. I sometimes think that one of the reasons we all have problems is so other people can be thankful that their problems aren't as bad as ours. I certainly have a lot of trouble feeling sorry for myself when I remember the many people who are Ins fortunate than I am. Now, do you remember some good things to be thankful for?

Next, make a list of the things you want to change in your life. Head this column as Things that I Will Change. I hope you have enough paper, because in both your Good Fortune and Change, columns you should list everything you can think of. Take your time.

 Beneath these two columns make a heading titled, How I Want Things to Be, and also divide that list into two columns. Label one column Short- Term Gods and the other column Long- Term Goals.

Short- term goals are things like will practice one of the exercises'; will love and forgive both myself and others before I go to sleep tonight'; will tell those non how much I care about them today"; 9 will organize my workspace'; 'I will be aware of how my actions affect others'; "I will be aware of , a habit whose origin I will soon understand'; I will stop smoking/drinking/overeating for today and take it one day at a time'; and as many other ideas that you can think of that are goals to be remembered and attained every day.

Long- term goals are things like 'I will stop smoking/drinking/ overeatine; will look and feel Beat and weigh pounds'; 'I will earn my living by doing "; "I will meet and marry the partner of my dreams'; "I will attain financial security"; and as many other ideas as you can think of that are goals that you will reach by both the daily attainment of your short- term goals and the other changes that will result from your daily practice of the different metaphysical fauns exercises.

 Always write, 'I will,' never I'll or I will try"—you will accomplish your goals, both long- and short- term, because your will power will be getting stronger from being used day by day. Writing 'I will' is a subtle yet powerful reminder to us that it is because of our will that our life is going to change. Leave some space for things you think of later and then beneath that write down a list of What I've Allowed to Stop Me—all the things you think have prevented you from having things the way you want them This part of the list is very important

When you list your obstacles it will become apparent, sooner or later, that you can devise methods for dealing with them. No matter how out of your control these obstacles appear to be, you are always in control of your end of the equation and you can figure out how to change and adapt to reach the goals you have set for yourself.

What you have to do is explore every possibility you can think of. You must also use every means, both physical and metaphysical, at your disposal, along with the precious and bard- won knowledge we all gain from the mistakes we make along the way. Perseverance and concentration seem to be the only thing in common between every successful person I have ever met or read about.

Update this list every week or so. You will be surprised at how some of your short- term goals become incorporated into your life as new habits that will replace the ones you wanted to change. When you attain any of your long- term goals, I suggest that you reward yourself in some way and make a little ceremony out of crossing ft off of your list.



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