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How You Should Celebrate Your Birthday

Who do we think we are? It's not even 2020 - 2021 , and we're already planning our birthday festivities?
I'm about to reveal how you should celebrate your birthday in 2020 - 2120  according to your zodiac sign,  --->>

2020-2021             SEARCH MORE  your Sign            

because why the hell not? I mean, it's a new year, and there's a new you on the horizon. Besides, there's nothing more magical than a solar return. Think about it: Every year on your birthday, the sun returns to the exact same place it was on the day you were born. Mind you, the sun is our biggest source of energy, so this always comes with a fresh new beginning.

Personally, I love to read my solar return chart every year around my birthday. It's so exciting to see what the cosmos have in store, and the best part is, your rising sign is different every year, which is another reason why each year comes with a different learning experience. Now, I don't like to drive myself crazy either, but it never hurts to look. In the end, astrology is a tool, and it's up to us to determine the messaging, and symbolism. To each is own, and that's what makes it so unique and interesting.
Anyway, where was I? Oh, right... Here's what the stars have to say about your 2020 - 2021 birthday festivities: 

Introduction to Interpretation

   The solar return chart is very simple to interpret, and it is probably the easiest predictive technique to use. The most important thing to remember about the interpretation of the solar return chart is that it can be treated like a natal. If you can interpret a natal chart, then you can interpret a solar return. None of your expertise in natal interpretation will be lost.

Almost anything you do to a natal can also be done to a solar return. Astrologers have successfully used hemispheric emphasis, elements, modes, asteroids, Sabian symbols, and general interpretation to understand solar returns. Probably almost any astrological technique will yield an accurate interpretation as long as you are willing to work with the technique long enough to become familiar with the manifestation. Observation is the key to understanding new applications.

The major difference between solar return interpretation and natal interpretation is the matter of time. The solar return is a temporary chart, and therefore the action unfolds and proceeds more quickly. You are not dealing with a lifelong pattern, but a manifestation that lasts for approximately one year.

Interpretations are more concentrated since time is compressed. What is seen as a drawn out or intermittent tendency in the natal chart, becomes a prominent issue or theme in the short span of the solar return. Reading the solar return chart like a temporary natal may be a difficult task when you are first starting out.

For Beginner, and for Dummy use, you can also read solar return chart without time of birt or house system 
here the method...

  1. The SUN in first House in SOLAR RETURN CHART
  2. The SUN in Second House in SOLAR RETURN CHART interpretation
  3. The SUN in Second House in SOLAR RETURN CHART interpretation
  4. The SUN in 4th House in SOLAR RETURN CHART interpretation
  5. The SUN in 5th House in SOLAR RETURN CHART Interpretation
  6. The SUN in 6th House in SOLAR RETURN CHART Interpretation
  7. The SUN in 7th House in SOLAR RETURN CHART interpretation
  8.  The SUN in 8th House in SOLAR RETURN CHART interpretation
  9. The SUN in 9th House in SOLAR RETURN CHART interpretation
  10. The SUN in 10th House in SOLAR RETURN CHART interpretation
  11. The SUN in 11th House in SOLAR RETURN CHART Interpretation
  12. The SUN in 12th House in SOLAR RETURN CHART interpretation

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