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Incredible things the Zodiac signs have done for me


Only two guys I’ve known thusfar with this sign. Both treated me with great respect and equality. One of them, who was quite a bit younger than me, treated me better than any guy I’ve ever met in my life and I’d known him for a week.


 She basically just sends me texts whether I’m okay and having the patience to hear me out when I’m not. One girl talked just as much as I did and said she really liked talking to me and what I had to say which was a wonderful compliment.

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All Geminis I know have let their guard down for me which I see as an incredible thing. In turn, they never judged me, always trusted me and always stayed sober around me.


She was so thoughtful, welcoming me, giving me tips and writing me a welcoming letter when I thought I was there all alone. Another girl bought me an advent calendar after she heard I’d never had one before, she asked about me and dyed my hair for me within a week of knowing each other.


 I was crying hysterically where it was crowded and he pulled me in his arms to make me feel safe. When I pulled away, he pulled me closer because he knew I wasn’t done crying. Also, he walked an extra half a lap in PE because I had fallen behind and he motivated me to finish the lap with him.


Overheard me talking about a health issue and immediately offered me all the advice she had and remedies that had worked for her, treating me like a good friend instantly.


Texted with me while we were watching a show as we were judging it, took me Pokemon hunting because I needed the distraction, beat me at Mario Kart and he made me dinner.


 He always gave me the same care I gave him, being loyal, talking me through my lows, taking me seriously, trusting me and swallowing his pride when he had to apologise.


He always looks back if I’m walking behind quietly so I won’t feel left out. She gives me the sweetest compliments and makes me feel validated, understanding that I get disappointed when I expect more from someone.


She wrote me long emails with links and correct information provided about whatever I was going through, so I wouldn’t go insane, whilst making sure I felt understood and accepted. Also one guy when I was 14 heard I had a bad day and he wrote a creative note with a lot of bright colours about all the things I was good at, I still have it to this day.


She was getting lucky with a guy she was really, really into and pushed him aside the minute she heard me crying. She gave me her childhood teddy bear to hold as I cried. This girl also got into fights because people wronged me, even though I couldn’t care less.


He bought me a ring because he was in love with me when we were younger. I tried, but rejected him kindly. We stayed such good friends and I was always welcome to him to talk to and hang out with.


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