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LEO Mindful Meditation Practice to Try



Having the intention to grow like a seed is at the heart of creativity. The challenge to live life creatively is the challenge to recapture the sense of adventure, wonder, and playfulness that children—those seeds of infinite human possibility—naturally possess. Children see a situation and ask questions and ...--->>

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make statements that can enable even adults who thought they knew everything about the situation to learn something completely new about it At the heart of our book is the following warm- up exercise. Although this exercise seems simple at first reading, if you actually try it, you will find it is incredibly powerful. Remember, to really and truly change your life, you must start from where you are, examine your situation, and take a chance on yourself by making all changes that suggest themselves. Play this little game and your reward will be a creative approach to life. Have a pad and a pen to journal your insights:

 Look at your situation as if you were seeing it for the first time

 Do not assume you know ft all, but question everything with the bravery of a child; without fearing that you will bring up answers you may not like.

Ask yourself, what is really going on? How is it affecting you and the situation you want to change creatively?

 If you could was a magic wand and make anything happen, how would you want things to be?

What is preventing things from being that way, the way you'd like them to be?

What, if anything, can be done to effect the changes necessary to eliminate whatever is standing in your way?

See yourself doing what has to be done. Take note of what you see in your mind's eye and write it down. If nothing can be done, why is that? Isn't there some other way of doing it? Is your desire to change really in your best interest? If it * and you are ready to do what is necessary, then do what pioneering imagery expert Gerald Epstein, MD, so creatively advises us to do: You must separate your intention from your attention. In other words, do not dwell on how you are going to surmount the obstacles presently in your way. Let your subconscious mind do its job without interference. You will be surprised when a creative flash of inspiration comes to you and gives you the solution about how to proceed.


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