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Mindful Meditation Practice to try for Each Zodiac Sign

Mindful Meditation Practice animated illustration

Each Zodiac Sign We have designed these mindful meditations to guide you in dealing with the challenges of your Sun Sign. By sitting still, calming our breath, and watching our thoughts, we soon see the clarity of our real nature emerge. It shines through the haze of distraction and illuminates deeper levels of meaning and revelations, which can make us truly content This is mindful meditation.

When most people think of meditation they imagine someone sitting cross- legged and chanting...

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"Om' as a long, drawn out sound. This is the meditation we recommend for those born during the sign of Pisces. The goal of this land of traditional meditation is to not allow the rational mind—with its insatiable desire to separate, name, count, and manipulate—to prevent us from directly experiencing our being.

Stilling the mind, diffusing our consciousness so we can experience universal mind, and focusing our awareness on the truth of our being require discipline and effort. Both traditional and our mindful meditations, also known as 'waking meditations,' challenge us to see through illusions and attachments and view them as different ways of looking at the same unifying truth.

For each meditation, sit comfortably in a place where you will not be disturbed and take a few deep and luxurious breaths before you begin to read and work with the mindfulness exercise for your Sun Sign. You might want to record yourself reading it aloud and play this back to yourself when doing an exercise requiring visualization.

We recommend that you explore the eleven other exercises for the other zodiac signs when you have mastered your own. As you do this, you are beginning to stretch your belief system. But the beliefs and habits you have created in the past have, symbolically, lives of their own, and like you, they want to continue to live. They are not just going to lie down and die. We cannot stress too many times how important it is to build mindfulness practices into daily routine, just as it is necessary to do physical exercise daily to the best of your ability to stay fit or get in better shape.

The only way to overcome really deep- seated beliefs about yourself and your world is through daily, patient practice. Otherwise, the rigidity that can sometimes plague even the most dedicated practitioner can not only limit growth but actually make people around you almost long for the return of your old ways. Mindfulness exercises can help you to become more aware of your thoughts and not allow them to just ramble on and on, meandering from one idle worry to the next.


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