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Ranking of Zodiac Signs Who Are hard to read

Zodiac Signs Who Are hard to read animated illustration

"Poker face." We've all heard that phrase. But what actually is a poker face? It's certainly something the zodiac signs who are hard to read have down to a science, especially in astrology.

Some of us are naturals at hiding our feelings and thoughts, while others wear our hearts on our sleeves and let the world know everything that's on our mind. On one end of the spectrum, we have the poker-faced, seemingly cold and calculating mob, and on the other hand we have the Too Much Information crowd.

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In the long run, it's about vulnerability; some protect against it, and some welcome it in. --->>

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In the case of Aquarius, one would have to know in advance that this sign is already one of the coldest and possibly cruelest signs we have. Whereas one might put on a poker face to detract from emotion, Aquarius has very little emotion to put forth.
It's quite easy for them to ignore any instinct to react. Aquarius is cold, impossible to read, unfriendly and aloof.


You'll never be able to read Capricorn because they are professionally cool.


Of all the signs, there is no one more adept at hiding every single thing that's on their mind as is Gemini.


Libra does not like to give personal information out, and to avoid confrontation (Libra's deathly fear) they will show you a coldness so intense, you'll wonder if they are even human.


Cancers are impossible to read because they always play the goody-goody card and that establishes them as "kindly and compassionate," when, in truth,


Impossible to read? Very much so. And why? Because if you know Virgo, you know that all feelings, both good and bad, are disguised by an outward look of disgust and disapproval.

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