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The conversation topic you should always try to avoid, based on your Zodiac sign

For some zodiac signs, this tactic is a no-brainer. For others – AKA the ones who have a tendency of sharing too much or putting their foot in their mouth – it's going to take some work. It's not impossible, but it will take some practice to make perfect.

Here is the conversation topic you should always try to avoid, based on your zodiac sign, per astrology.


Aries, you often speak without thinking – hey, you've got a lot of thoughts swimming around in that head of yours, and you want to get them out before you forget about them. That's fine and everything, except when the topic at hand is something you should avoid.
Your fearlessness for talking about anything and everything and penchant for speaking without thinking is going to get you in trouble one day. You definitely need to avoid talking about your unpopular opinions with people you barely know because it will only start an argument.


You're a very factual person, Taurus, which means that most of what you talk about has something to do with facts and well-thought out ideas. This makes you a great person to talk to when someone wants to be lectured about something... which isn't often.
You don't really need to avoid any specific topics, but you should definitely retire any topics that are long-winded and boring. You don't always talk so much in one sitting, but when you do, people tend to wish you'd get to the point already.

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LIBRA       -  SCORPIO  -   SAG


CAP           -     AQUA     -  PISCES

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Gemini, you will talk any literally everything, as long as you have the time to do so. There is no topic that is off-limits to you, which isn't always a good thing, FYI. You tend to just say whatever is on your mind, and the minute someone expresses interest, away you go.
You should definitely, definitely avoid TMI topics – they're too much information for a reason, you know. I promise you that no one wants to know that your foot fungus is back or that you have a crush on your mom's new boyfriend, no matter how polite they act when you bring it up.


As a nurturer, you are constantly asking people how they're doing and if there's anything you can do to help, Cancer. This is very kind and caring of you, but it also puts you in a position to load up on the personal lives of everyone around you.
If you don't have an emotional outlet to express everything that people confide in you with, it all comes out when you talk to people. The biggest topic you should avoid is any stories you have about family and friend drama. You never know who will hear it, so it's best to play it safe.


You love an audience, Leo. The center of attention with all eyes on you is where you thrive the most. When you're telling a story or talking about yourself, you know exactly what to say to keep people riveted and hanging on your every word.
That said, you also have a penchant for making things all about yourself. While you can't help it if people ask about you, try to avoid one-sided conversations. If it starts sounding like a monologue, cut it short. No one wants to know THAT much about your life... sorry, not sorry.


You're not the biggest talker of the zodiac, Virgo, but you do latch onto the small details when you listen to others. Heck, you might not even be part of a conversation and you can still overhear all the juicy details of someone else's life.
Whether you know you're doing it or not, you tend to gossip a lot. Of course, you like to call it sharing the facts, but everyone else sees through that little lie. You might just think you're having a really good conversation, but be careful with what you're actually sharing with people.


As social and outgoing as you can be, Libra, making conversation with people can make you nervous. You always try really hard to be friendly and open, but you worry that your interests or opinions will be too weird for people to relate to – I promise, this never happens.
The topic you should most definitely avoid is talking about your past relationships, especially when you're on a date. I know, it might be the first thing that you can think to talk about, but it also tends to turn into you badmouthing them or sharing their secrets simply because you don't know what else to say.


Scorpio, you are a very intense person who doesn't like to share any personal details about yourself until you know you can trust someone. On that same note, you also know how to read someone's body language, and if they seem like they're interested, you feel like you can say anything.
When you feel like you have a real connection with someone, you will talk about things that are probably best left for your diary. You need to avoid any personal confessions and secrets that are probably TMI or just plain embarrassing. I know you think you've found a new friend, but maybe run them past the squad first before you start spilling the beans.


You love making jokes, Sagittarius, and you're actually pretty funny... that is, when you have thought-out, topical jokes on hand. Other times, you tend to just put your foot in your mouth. And because you don't really stop to read the room, you can't always tell when the laughs turn to groans.
The topic you need to avoid is anything that can set you up for an offensive or off-color joke. Of course, you don't mean to offend anyone with your humor, but sometimes you can just be gross or over the top. Maybe it's because you're trying too hard to be liked, but take it easy next time.


Yes, we get it, Capricorn. You're soooo busy and accomplished that we should all be thanking you for gracing us with your presence. And we also get that you can't stay too long because you just have to get back to whatever it is you're working on nowadays.
We all know you don't do it on purpose, but you have a good way of making everyone else look like they're slacking off – even if they work just as hard as you do. I'd say lay off any topics where you get to brag about yourself because they don't really make you seem very approachable or friendly.


Aquarius, you are very social in the right situations – you love getting to know new people, especially what their opinions are and what makes them tick. While we all love that about you, it can make for some interesting and exhausting conversation.
While you certainly don't bring these topics up to instigate anything, you should definitely try to avoid talking about politics and current events. I know, you want to pick someone's brain, or the topic comes up inadvertently, but because you're all about fighting for the little guy, these topics often turn into you starting a fight in the name of justice.


Pisces, you tend to get so caught up in your thoughts and feelings that they bleed over into your conversation with others. Even without realizing it, you always bring some kind of emotion to the topic at hand.
You always want to help people, and you think that if you share a story of someone else's troubles that you can be of service. But you should really avoid talking about sob stories that bring the mood down. I mean, abandoned pets, broken hearts, and death – really, Pisces?

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LIBRA       -  SCORPIO  -   SAG


CAP           -     AQUA     -  PISCES

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