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The Zodiac signs and the stages of life

Toddler : Aries

The playful innocence with temper tantrums and this natural charm that makes people want to take care of them. No thought of future consequences, so never finishing a project, but starting on it with intense excitement.

Teenager : Taurus & Virgo

Fighting the system and standing their ground. Going against the grain and working your ass off to stay on the track of life. Big decisions are so important right now.

    2020 to 20201 MONTHLY  HOROSCOPE     


Late teens / early 20’s : Sagittarius & Aquarius

The carefree attitude and the shrug of the shoulders whilst saying ‘fuck it’. Higher education and figuring yourself out. Shaping your life and making dreams happen.

Late 20’s / early 30’s : Cancer & Leo

Settling down, finding love that lasts, finding your spot on center stage and figuring out your place in the world.

40’s : Gemini & Scorpio

Having a family (traditionally or untraditionally), decorating your more permanent home, wine with friends and having more responsibility.

60’s : Pisces & Libra

Finding peace, starting mindfullness and yoga, feeling like life is coming full circle and scrambling to find small hobbies.

Elderly : Capricorn

The stories and the wisdom that come with age. The creative way of figuring things out. Staying quiet because you know everyone has their own path to follow.

    2020 to 20201 MONTHLY  HOROSCOPE     



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