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The Zodiac Signs as Things I am Doing During Lockdown

Aries: Learning 3 chords on the ukulele.
Taurus: Doing 4 knee push ups before getting winded.
Gemini: Thinking that I should text my friends and then not doing it.
Leo: Wearing impractical clothes. What will it be today? 3 piece suit? Victorian ball gown? Lingerie and a cowboy hat? It literally doesn't matter
Virgo: Avoiding my abusive dad.
Libra: Making fancy coffee to feel human.
Scorpio: Writing a very, very bad poem.
Sagittarius: Sitting up in my bed at 2 AM, my head in my hands, shaking, because I can’t sleep but don’t know why.
Capricorn: Eating raw ramen noodles like they’re chips.
Aquarius: Focusing too much on my online classes because they tether me to something real.
Pisces: Fighting the Quarantine Goblin when he shows up in my backyard and threatens to brake social distancing if I don’t give him all my canned goods and hand sanitizer.
Cancer: Watching videos on proper homemade mask procedure and forgetting everything I learned in them immediately.

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