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Top 6 Ranking of The Biggest Trendsetting Zodiac

Trendsetting zodiac signs are all about. Because even outside of astrology, trendsetting isn't about charisma; you don't have to look the part to set the trend.

All you have to do is have a keen sense of good timing and a discerning eye for human nature.


They want to influence you because .... ---->>

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they can't help themselves, and that drive alone gets them places.


In the same way that Aries are so fiery about getting what they way, Pisces are similar, but their drive is cool and streamlined. They see a trend and they stand back and follow it. Then, when the time is right, they use their power of timing to change things from the normal.


Cancer is a trendsetter when it comes to political territory and media; they like to keep it real and they like to make sure everyone understands what's going on. They are the helpers of the planet, and often times it is they who show us higher learnings. Spiritual trendsetters, indeed.

4. LEO

It's hard to not set trends when you have a life of built in followers, but Leo isn't just charismatic and able. Oh no, Leo is smart and some of those ideas can be life changing if we let ourselves be swayed.


Naturally good at balancing out people, they are often times the leader of the tribe, though being in a position of leadership is not always the desired job for Libra.


You'll find that the majority of fashion designers and serious trendsetters of the world are Scorpio. This is due to a very driven facet to their personality; they must accomplish, and they must be praised for it. They are also smart enough to know that to merit that praise, they must deliver something great — something influential, life changing, effective. This is their specialty.

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