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50 Unusual question to asks:

1. What did you want to be when you were a kid?

2. Which “Friends” character do you relate to the most?

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3. Do you like your name? Why?

4. Are you a messy or clean person?

5. How tall are you?

6. How tall were you when you were ten?

7. What is your guilty pleasure?

8. What are you saving money for right now?

9. How many Pringles can you eat at once?

10. Tea or coffee?

11. Are you an extrovert or introvert?

12. What is your Halloween costume this year?

13. Sweet or salty?

14. Favorite social media?

15. Who is the last person you kissed?

16. What is your favorite breakfast?

17. When is your birthday?

18. When did you start your blog?

19. What is your opinion on the Kardashians?

20. How would you describe your style?

21. What color is your hair?

22. What color socks are you wearing?

23. What is your dream job?

24. Dogs or cats?

25. What makes you weird?

26. Celebrity crush?

27. Opinion on cigarettes?

28. Do you want children/how many?

29. 3 favorite boy names?

30. 3 favorite girl names?

31. Favorite plant?

32. Favorite form of art?

33. What is your shoe size?

34. Money or brains?

35. What color looks best on you?

36. What is a weird phase you went through when you were younger?

37. Favorite brand of shampoo+conditioner?

38. Favorite pizza toppings?

39. Opinions on veganism?

40. Favorite book of all time?

41. Favorite actor?

42. Favorite actress?

43. Favorite dessert?

44. Favorite food?

45. Last text you sent?

46. Last person you called?

47. What is your favorite place to shop?

48. Favorite model?

49. What language do you want to learn?

50. What are your favorite make up brands?


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