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Astrological Placements that indicate someone being and avid reader?

Gemini placements mostly moon and mars

Virgo placements mostly rising and venus

3rd house dominance, stellium or personal planets in 3rd, mostly mercury and jupiter

Aquarius placements, mostly sun and moon, but they like to read about social issues, human rights, psychological novels and stuff

Sagittarius placements but they’re all over the place, in the sense they may start multiple books or sources and doesn’t follow a scheme

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ARIES        -  TAURUS   -  GEMINI


CANCER   -      LEO       -   VIRGO


LIBRA       -  SCORPIO  -   SAG


CAP           -     AQUA     -  PISCES


Capricorn placements mostly moon and venus or dominant

Then obviously also other signs read but they tend to be more specific, personally I’ve observed that

Aries placements read about social issues and poetry

Taurus placements about beauty, music (history etc), art, cooking, self-care, how to organize house, wardrobe, their thoughts and life

Cancer placements mostly about history, poetry, literature

Leo placements are eclectic and they read about what makes them happy or inspired, truly unpredictable

Libra placements read about literature, poetry, fashion, beauty and a lot of romantic novels

Scorpio placements read about literature, poetry and interesting novels (I mean unpredictable like leo and could be shocking)

Pisces placements read a lot about spirituality or occult, also about stuff they’re interested about


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