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How an #SCORPIO can be a great entrepreneur

With your powerful charisma, deep passion and intense drive, you Scorpios seem destined to succeed as entrepreneurs. Yet, when opportunity knocks, you sometimes hide your talents or your interest in an offer and resist the changes you would have to make to capitalize on it. 

2020-2021         MONTHLY HOROSCOPE     

in borrowing certain qualities of the Sign Leo, which rules the career and achievement area of your chart: 

1) A new venture won’t go far if it’s kept hidden behind-the-scenes. Publicize and promote your plans. Focusing on your strong desire for success and intense belief in your project will pump up your enthusiasm and inspire others to back you. 

2) Subtle backstage maneuvers often work well for you. But in a start-up phase, the winning formula is to be a take-charge leader as you carry out your plan – one that creatively incorporates your thorough research and natural business acumen. 

3) People admire that you’re determined, frank and can be “tough” if need be. When you also display your warmth, kindness and renowned humor, you’ll win an army of loyal supporters and clients. 4) Combining your true-grit resolve and resourcefulness with generosity and a dramatic


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