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Medical Astrology with Vesta Sign

Vesta can have a lot to say about mental and emotional health. 

  • Vesta in Pisces: Needs a great deal of escapism and room to stretch their imagination to keep in emotional balance. They find that emotional health is high when they help others and act compassionately. Heavy emotions can easily cloud their judgment and overall mental health.
  • Vesta in Aquarius: Being around friends and being active in the community helps them to recharge. Mental stimulation is also key to good mental health. They might be tempted into alone time but really needs fellowship. Can easily lose sight of emotional care.
  • Vesta in Capricorn: Is all about needing stability in their life to keep their emotional and mental well being centered! Financial and emotional security are equally important. They need a sanctuary from the ruthlessness of work. They NEED control over their environment.
  • Vesta in Sagittarius: Literally needs an escape to keep their mental health in check! Night drives, vacations, time off work, etc. is important. Learning something new, experiencing novelty, change, and freedom to express is important too.
  • Vesta in Scorpio: Emotional well being is rarely ignored but almost never shared. Finding the cause to problems is very much needed for their mental health. They tend to purge the past and issues as part of their self-care.
  • Vesta in Libra: Social connections are what feed into their mental health. Outlets for their imagination can help them pay more attention to their emotional well being. Needs to be cautious of using partnerships as a crutch however.
  • Vesta in Virgo: Needs to feel productive and useful but becoming a workaholic can kill them! They need to discover work-life balance. They can easily overlook their emotional well-being, intellectual stimulation can sometimes take the forefront.
  • Vesta in Leo: Creativity and self-expression are at the heart of this person’s mental well being! They need to create, rant, and share.
  • Vesta in Cancer: Concentrates more on emotional health and self-care than anything. A good home is key to feeling well along with plenty of emotional security.
  • Vesta in Gemini: Can stay on top of mental health with intellectual stimulation, space, socialization, and alone time but can neglect their emotional health.
  • Vesta in Taurus: Routine, comfort, and security are needed or they will go insane. Change= stress, even when it is good change.
  • Vesta in Aries: Give them room to breathe and express! Being able to do things on their own is key to good mental health.
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