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MERCURY / Midpoint General Interpretation

MERCURY/Midpoint Interpretation produces the general text for the various midpoint combinations of those planets or points that have been selected.

This interpretation is not specific to one chart but may assist in your understanding of synthesizing planetary meanings for midpoints.

Mercury / Venus

This point indicates your intellect and sense of beauty. In other words, it is how you combine feeling and thoughts of love. The sign placement gives more information on your expression of light heartedness, cheerfulness and your sense of artistic beauty and grace.

Mercury / Mars

This point indicates thought power. In other words, it is how you activate thoughts and plans. The sign placement gives more information on your manner of speaking, speed of judgement, practical disposition and general dexterity.

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Mercury / Jupiter

This point indicates your common sense. In other words, it is how you construct your intellect and learn from your thinking. The sign placement gives more information on your style of speech, what gives you optimism and the kind of good ideas you have.

Mercury / Saturn

This point indicates your depth of thought. In other words, it is how serious you take your thinking and reasoning ability. The sign placement shows your style of logic and concentration as well as the way you organise and apply yourself to tasks in life.

Mercury / Uranus

This point indicates your intuitive thinking and inventiveness. In other words, it is how quickly your mind moves. The sign placement gives more information on your innovation and intellect, as well as how you influence people and discern the world around you.

Mercury / Neptune

This point indicates your imagination. In other words, it is your intuitive and perceptive visions. The sign placement shows your style of fantasy and mental awareness and how your subconscious works. It is also the point of self-delusion and lack of clarity.

Mercury / Pluto

This point indicates your powers of observation and powers of suggestion. The sign placement gives more information on your style of criticism, diplomacy and your influence in speaking or writing.

Mercury / North Node

This point indicates the exchange of ideas with others. In other words how you like to share common or joint plans. The sign placement gives more information on your sociability and intellectual interests.

Mercury / Ascendant

This point indicates your general attitude towards other people. In other words, it is the combination of your personality and your ability to communicate. The sign placement gives more information on the kind of people you like to talk to and make contact with and how you derive pleasure from the people and contacts you have.

Mercury / Midheaven

This point indicates your outlook and opinion of life, and what you like to learn. In other words, it describes your aims and objectives. The sign placement gives more information on the kind of career you might have and how you advance forward in life.


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